DOUBLEDOWN24 Call For Workshops Open

CFP Closes June 30

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While DOUBLEDOWN24 is slap bang in the middle of hacker summer camp, there's not much need for talks. But it wouldn't be a Ringzer0 event without workshops. Join us on August 7 for our DOUBLEDOWN24 one-day event, and if you're up for running a workshop we'll even contribute to your travel costs.

Our CFP closes on June 30, so get your submissions ready! As well as running excellent virtual and physical training courses, on August 6 we'll have a mixer evening with a talk, lightning talks and entertainment. Then the next day we'll have a day of workshops and lightning talks and cyber challenges.

Learn what to expect at Ringzer0 DOUBLEDOWN24 from our BOOTSTRAP24 attendees

Workshops should be hands-on and slots are 90 minutes long. Workshops will be recorded on camera and shared on the Internet on our YouTube channel.

Topics of interest include:

  • Reverse Engineering / Debugging
  • Vulnerability Discovery
  • Exploit Development
  • AI / LLMs in the offensive/defensive context
  • Fuzzing
  • Hardware and IoT
  • Telecom / Baseband / Cellular
  • Wireless / Bluetooth / RF
  • Automotive / Drone
  • Application Security / Mobile apps
  • OS Internals

or define your own unique category!

Benefits for Speakers and Workshop Instructors

  • Interact with some of the best instructors and speakers in the cybersecurity industry
  • Present your research or tools to an active cybersecurity community
  • Up to USD $1000 for travel and hotel reimbursement

Join our trainers and training attendees for one of the highlights of hacker summer camp season: