A Present
from the Past

To our wonderful Ringzer0 crewmembers who went above and beyond the call of duty, we would like to say thank you.

15 custom built RETRO ZER0s are making their way to your homes, as you read this. We wish you peace, health, happiness and 8-bit fun for the holiday season!

Retro Zer0


We look back at older computers with rose tinted spectacles, but can we look forward with them? What might a computer with a 100 year lifespan look like, and how do we build it?

Steve Lord writes about HEIRLOOM COMPUTING in his article The 100 Year Computer.

The Retrozer0 is a fully functional CP/M compatible computer you can understand, use and modify. It runs professional software from programming languages to word processors, spreadsheets and more. An SD card slot lets you move files between this and more powerful computers. The Retrozer0 has few enough parts that its inner workings are easy to understand. If taken care of it will still function decades from now. We hope you’ll have many years of fun with your Retrozer0!