About Us

Founded in 2019, Ringzer0 provides advanced, hands-on training designed for cybersecurity professionals. Our instructors are top industry experts who offer technical deep dives into a range of core issues, including vulnerability research, exploitation, malware analysis, red teaming and practical attacks.

Our Events

Las Vegas, Nevada

Ringzer0 have delivered internationally recognized training in Las Vegas since our first event in 2019. Our reputation is in delivering high quality technical deep dives across a wide range of subjects from conventional reverse engineering and vulnerability research to more niche topics.

Our standard format is a week of virtual training followed by a week of in-person training, and a one-day event.

Austin, Texas

Our inaugural BOOTSTRAP24 event took place in Austin, Texas in February 2024. This combined a week of virtual training with 4 days of in-person training and a one-day conference event. It was such a success we decided to switch to this format for all of our events. We could tell you all about it, but our trainers and attendees will tell you themselves.

Who Should Attend Ringzer0 Events?

Ringzer0 is ideally suited for technical security practitioners, researchers, penetration testers, red teamers, malware analysts and people with a technical security or reverse engineering role that struggle to find high quality training to support their day to day tasks.

We specialize in delivering high quality, interactive training in a great environment, with access to all the materials you need to get the most from it. If you value high expertise, high interaction, and high quality across the board, you'll love Ringzer0's approach. Come see it for yourself!