In-Person Training At BOOTSTRAP24

Feb 20 - 23, Thompson Conference Center, Austin, TX

BOOTSTRAP 24 brings you 7 in-person courses this February at the Thompson Conference Center, Austin, Texas. All courses take place from Feb 20 - 23 (except where otherwise stated), and are 2 or 4 days long.

All courses run on a 9am - 5pm CDT timetable unless otherwise stated.


Course sales are now closed. All bookings included complimentary access to our BOOTSTRAP24 event on February 24th. Come join us for workshops and meet the trainers for the courses you've missed.

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In-Person Courses

Malopsec2 - Edr: The Great Escape
Feb 10 - 17 | 4 Days | USD4500

Dr. Silvio La Porta and Dr. Antonio Villani teaches how to attack EDR by analysing malware and improving on discovered techniques.

Malopsec2 - Edr: The Great Escape
Feb 10 - 17 | 4 Days | USD4500

Join Cristofaro Mune and Niek Timmers for 4 days of hands-on fault-injection training, learning by attacking the ESP32 microcontroller.

Mobile Reverse Engineering with r2frida
Feb 20 - 23 | 4 Days | USD4500

Learn how to analyze Android and iOS mobile apps with R2Frida in Last Vegas, Aug 3-6. Bypass jailbreak protections, SSL pinning, anti-debugging and even Frida detections using Frida itself.

Qemu Internals, Instrumentation And Fuzzing for IOT and Embedded Systems
Feb 20 - 23 | 4 Days | USD 4500

Antonio Nappa teaches QEMU internals in order to master virtualized fuzzing at scale.

Advanced Software Protection - Attacks And Defense For Security Researchers And Developers
Feb 20 - 23 | 4 Days | USD 4500

Advanced Software Protection - Attacks and Defense is a comprehensive 4-day course that delves into the intricate realm of software security. Designed to empower students with advanced knowledge and techniques, this course offers a holistic approach to safeguarding software assets.

Black Hat Python - Python Programming for Hackers and Pentesters
Feb 20 - 23 | 4 Days | USD 4500

This is the official companion course to the popular book Black Hat Python, 2nd Edition from No Starch Press. This companion course has been updated for Python 3 and developed under the oversight and cooperation of the original Black Hat Python author Justin Seitz.

Low Level Android For Researchers And Red Teamers
Feb 20 - 23 | 4 Days | USD 4500

This course teaches you the tools and techniques used to work with low-level Android features and native code. It is a practical class aimed at researchers and developers who want to better understand the native Android environment or start developing their own red-teaming tools.