Virtual Training Courses

BOOTSTRAP 24 brings you 7 virtual training courses this February. All courses take place from Feb 10 - 17 (except where otherwise stated), and are 16 or 32 hours long. Our courses are fully interactive with teaching assistants ready to capture questions and queries from our discord, and streams available to watch again later.

All courses run on a 9am - 5pm CDT timetable unless otherwise stated.


Courses are priced based on 16 or 32 hours course length.

Pricing Model 16 Hours 32 Hours
Late (Up to Feb 10th) USD2500 USD4400

All bookings include complimentary access to our BOOTSTRAP24 event on February 24th. Come join us for workshops and meet the trainers for the courses you've missed.

Virtual Courses

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Reverse Engineering of Android Malware
Feb 10 - 17 | 16H | USD 2500

Learn how to reverse Android malware, including packed, obfuscated and native samples. The training consists in a majority of hands-on lab sessions, with exercises on real, recent Android malware. You learn the methodology to analyze such sample, how to deal with them safely, and how to workaround several anti-reverse tricks (packing, obfuscation, emulator detection etc).

Cryptography: From Basics to Advanced
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

A practice-oriented cryptography training covering all the crypto topics that matter in 2024, from encryption techniques to zero-knowledge proofs, from cloud and mobile applications to decentralized systems.

Reverse Engineering – Binary Program Analysis
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

Reverse engineering is the art of extracting valuable information from unknown binary programs. No matter whether we aim to find vulnerabilities in closed-source software, dissect the internals of nation-state malware, or simply bypass copy protection technologies: Reverse engineering helps us to pinpoint relevant code/data locations, enables us to reconstruct high-level constructs from machine code, and thus provides us with insights into valuable program internals.

The Arm64 Exploit Laboratory
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

The ARM64 Exploit Laboratory is a brand new class. 64-bit ARM CPUs, having already dominated the world of mobile devices, are starting to take centre stage in desktop and server computing.

Machine Learning for Reverse Engineers
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

This course features a practical hands-on approach to automated program analysis using machine learning. Given the increasing pervasiveness of IoT devices and malware, there is a great need to perform automated reverse engineering at scale, especially since reverse engineering software and firmware can often be a manual, labor-intensive, and time-intensive process. This class is perfectly suited for students who are new to machine learning and want to leverage it to automate their program analysis and reverse engineering efforts.

Windows Kernel Exploitation Foundation and Advanced
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

This comprehensive course combines the essentials of both the Foundation and Advanced Windows Kernel Exploitation courses. It is designed to guide participants through the intricacies of kernel exploitation, from uncovering and exploiting bugs in Windows kernel mode drivers to bypassing advanced exploit mitigations.

Reverse Engineering – Binary Program Analysis
Feb 10 - 17 | 32H | USD 4400

The Practical Symbolic Execution for VR and RE course is a detailed dive into symbolic execution for Reverse Engineers and Vulnerability Researchers. This course provides a diverse set of demonstrations and labs that will help students learn how to effectively apply symbolic execution techniques to their problems. A practical approach to symbolic execution will give students hands-on experience solving real world problems through the development of custom analysis tooling.

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