x86-64 Xeno's All You Can Learn Buffet

Xeno Kovah
In-person+Virtual TrainingAugust 3 - 6 | 4 days or 32 hours


x86-64 Xeno's All You Can Learn Buffet

Xeno Kovah

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Xeno's Learn All You Can combo of x86-64 Assembly, OS Internals, Intel Firmware and C/C+++ vulnerabilities.


This is the combination class that lets you take any of the material(!) from the x86-64 Assembly, x86-64 OS Internals, x86-64 Intel Firmware Attack & Defense, or C/C++ Implementation Vulnerabilities classes at your own pace, but with full instructor support!


This class is run a little different from most classes. We provide you purpose-built recorded lectures instead of trapping you in realtime with live-lectures. But fear not, the instructor is always right there eagerly waiting to mingle with the students and answer any questions you have. (The instructor really likes being asked questions. It shows you're paying attention ;)). One of many benefits is that you can watch lectures at 2x speed and zoom ahead of the other students and get to the hands on labs quicker. Or if there's bits of material you already know, you can just skip them and move on to the bits you don't know! Another big benefit is that you get to take the full lectures and labs with you! That means if you forget stuff and then need it in 6 months, you can quickly re-bootstrap yourself! Or you can watch the class twice, to really grow those neural connections and cement it in your brain! And unlike live lectures, our lectures are always getting more factually accurate, by having any accidental errors edited out.

Because we give you all the lecture and lab materials and videos after class, what you're really paying for is support from the instructor! So you'll be entitled to keep asking up to 20 questions after class, with 1-2 hour turnaround answers (after accounting for time-zone differences.) This lets you keep productively working through the material if you run out of time at the conference. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of this style of class delivery, please read this blog post.


x86-64 Assembly

Disassemble binaries, read x86-64 assembly and debug binaries in WinDBG and GDB. Learn the fundamentals of Assembly Language with Xeno Kovah.

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x86-64 OS Internals

Let Xeno Kovah teach you the fundamental hardware mechanisms which all operating systems, virtualization systems, and firmware *must* interact with in order to run successfully on x86 hardware.

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x86-64 Intel Firmware Attack and Defense

Learn all about the x86-84 firmware (aka UEFI BIOS) with Xeno Kovah.

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C/C++ Implementation Vulnerabilities

This class teaches developers how to avoid writing implementation flaws, or detect ones that are already in their code...but it also teaches vulnerability-hunters how to find the flaws as well!

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