Virtual Training: July 20 - 26
In-Person Training: Aug 3 - 6
DOUBLEDOWN24 event: Aug 7

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Welcome to Ringzer0's 10th event: DOUBLEDOWN24. Ringzer0 returns to Las Vegas for training and a one-day event! Mark your calendars:

Virtual Training
Virtual Training: July 20 - 26 | Remote

Can't travel to Las Vegas? Let our world class instructors teach you from the comforts of your home or office with 16 and 32 CPE hour trainings.

In-Person Training
In-Person Training: Aug 3 - 6 | The Palms, Las Vegas

Choose from an exciting line up of 2-day and 4-day courses at the Palms, Las Vegas.

1-Day Event: Aug 7 | The Palms, Las Vegas

Our DOUBLEDOWN24 one-day event lets you try course taster-sized workshops in a friendly environment. Unlike larger events, you'll get to talk to our expert trainers and ask questions (and get answers!).

Learn With Ringzer0 At DOUBLEDOWN24

Ringzer0 provides advanced, hands-on training designed for cybersecurity professionals. Our instructors are top industry experts who offer technical deep dives into a range of core issues, including vulnerability research, exploitation, malware analysis, red teaming and practical attacks.

Each class is laser-focused on a specific topic, to pack in as much learning, hands-on experience and instructor face time as possible. Ringzer0 gets students past the learning curve!

But Ringzer0 is more than just training classes. We're running our one-day event, DOUBLEDOWN24 on the 7th August. Meet your peers from other courses, and the trainers, and get a taster of the courses you missed - and to think, some Vegas events charge extra for this!

About The Palms

Ringzer0's DOUBLEDOWN24 training and one-day event will take place at The Palms, Las Vegas. We have discounted rates starting at $79/night!

The Palms, Las Vegas

Founded in 2001, the Palms is an off-strip multitower casino resort. The Palms has hosted the MTV Music Video Awards, was host to "The Real World Las Vegas", and where Katy Perry's "Waking Up in Vegas" music video was shot.

Unlike on-strip resorts, the Palms has easy access to highways and backroads, avoiding Las Vegas Boulevard traffic. It's still close, at only 10 minutes to the MGM Grand. We love The Palms, and think you will too.

Book your stay at the Palms before rooms run out!