Cristofaro Mune and Niek Timmers - Saturday, 24 February - 90 mins



Most of you have likely heard about hardware Fault Injection. Actually, it's likely some of you have experience injecting glitches into chips. However, many of you are likely still unaware of the full potential of the faults you are, sort of randomly, bringing to life. In this workshop, you will conduct a hands-on Fault Injection experiment and model your faults systemically. This understanding allows you to envision, and potentially devise, powerful Fault Injection exploits.


In this Fault Injection workshop you will be doing the following:

  • Build a Fault Injection setup using NewAE Husky
  • Perform Fault Injection Characterization experiments
  • Describe the faults you are creating by injecting glitches

Note, the activities performed in this workshop are also part of our 'The Art of Fault Injection' training.


Cristofaro Mune is a co-founder and security researcher at raelize and he has been in the security field for 20+ years. He has 15+ years of experience with evaluating sw and hw security of secure products. His research on fault injection, tees, secure boot, white-box cryptography, iot exploitation and mobile security has been presented at renowned international conferences and in academic papers.

Niek Timmers has been analyzing and testing the security of software and hardware of secure devices for over a decade. His interest is typically sparked by technologies where the hardware of the device is fundamentally part of the equation.