Ronald Broberg - Saturday, 24 February - 180 mins



The Dark Wolf 'Hack Our Drone' workshop provides participants the ability to learn hands-on cybersecurity testing techniques for evaluating Unmanned Autonomous Systems. The workshop includes a full Unmanned Autonomous System test target composed of a BeagleBone Blue Flight Vehicle (UAV), a Ground Control System (GCS), and a MAVLink over 802.11 WiFi Communications system.

The workshop includes both instructor assistance and detailed lab manuals to guide participants through a series of tasks to discover and exploit cybersecurity weaknesses in the UAS. Tasks include firmware analysis, network service exploitation, password cracking, elevation of privilege, and UAV over-the-air hijacks. Participants are expected to bring a laptop with either Kali Linux installed or one that can boot a Kali Linux Live USB drive.


This workshop is divided into three hands-on modules:

  • Ground Control System
  • Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle
  • Radio Communications

Each module includes tasks involved in describing the component, collecting software, analyzing for security vulnerabilities, and demonstrating exploits against those vulnerabilities. These tasks are drawn from our real-world experiences as cyber professionals providing security analysis of Uncrewed Aerial Systems in both commercial and governmental sectors.